Steel wall pool – popular with home builders

Steel wall pools are available and under construction is relatively straightforward in various shapes and sizes. What you should note in this regard yet, click here to! In addition, we give you a rough idea of ​​your future pool price!

Swimming pool in your own garden create the summer holiday feeling and provide fun and cooling on hot days. Especially popular with DIYers are here with the so-called fiberglass pools steel wall pools! The construction of the prefabricated pool is relatively simple, at least compared to pools of concrete formwork stones. And with appropriate quality of the pool large loads withstands. Whether round, oval or eight shaped – steel wall pool can freely set up a rule, be partially or completely embedded in the earth. In the latter cases, however, also increases the effort!

Build a steel wall pool professionally

Whether the steel wall pool are free in the garden or to be partially or completely embedded in the earth – the first planning steps are the same!

First, a completely flat and firm surface for the steel wall pool has to be created. This surface must be made of “grown” and must not consist of reclaimed ground, because the pool would decrease otherwise later. An additional ten to twenty centimeters thick concrete floor slab is indeed recommended, but not mandatory. On this or on the substrate a layer of protective fabric is then designed, which prevents the inner shell of the steel wall pools is damaged.


In conical excavation of the subsurface towards the basin center, the water depth can be increased by up to 12 cm – depending on how big is the size of the steel wall pools!

After these checks, you can start the construction of the basin. The supplied ground rails are fitted into one another and placed at the intended location. Subsequently, the steel wall of the pool is rolled out and set into the rails. Usually openings for pool accessories such as skimmers and inlets are pre-cut. This must necessarily be at the top half of the steel wall. The two wall ends are connected with plug-in profiles. Now the inner shell is attached. After smoothing wrinkles all the top rails are attached in conclusion. Now, the technology can be installed, entry and exit option attached and the steel wall pool be covered if necessary.


Basin with a height of more than 1.5m must be admitted to at least 0.5 m into the ground. In this and in the case of complete oblivion a backfilling of the steel wall pools is required. A polystyrene layer ensures sufficient thermal insulation and a layer of lean concrete keeps the pressure of the ground. For full Inge abandoned pools also a utility shaft is required!

What it is important in the purchase and construction of a steel wall pools to be considered?

Please observe the following guidelines, which facilitate the construction of the steel wall pools, are relevant for a long service life of the tank and help to prevent damage or injury!

GFK Pool: construction, properties and costs at a glance

When fiberglass pool is a one-piece swimming pools made of fiberglass reinforced plastic. In general, it consists of a topcoat of a plurality of layers of glass fiber mats, which are connected with resin, and a Gelcoat/Geltop. The latter is a part of the final color, which may be designed according to the personal desire of the owner, on the other hand it also protects other materials against moisture. Various sizes and shapes of pools allow any potential buyer to find, also, there are differences when it comes to job opportunities of fiberglass pools: some have an integrated pool stairs, but others must be equipped with a ladder.

Fiberglass swimming pools are extremely practical – That’s the advantage which irritates most about this type swimming pool. With good planning, they can be used after only a few days. By comparison: If the pool building for example, resorted to a concrete form, the steps might take to completion several months. The smooth, chemically inactive and dirt-repellent surface of a fiberglass pools also facilitates maintenance and cleaning!

The costs are mainly influenced by the size and the supplied pool accessories. When comparing different distributors we have the approximate price for a package of a fiberglass pool with dimensions of 5m by 3m and 1.5m times skimmer, sand filter and inlet nozzle determines: This was between 3000 € and 4500 €.


Save when you buy a fiberglass pools by no means quality! Otherwise caused by osmosis damage patterns may occur within a short time: Hot water (especially from temperatures above 25°C) can penetrate into the deeper layers of the basin, where they react with the resin. The result: the formation of vesicles with an acidic liquid, which on the one hand and on the other hand look ugly influence the pH of the water negatively. Therefore, pay attention to seal (eg by TÜV) and a long warranty.

How is a fiberglass pool installed?

The installation of a CSF-pools, as is usually done, is described in the following. Note, however, in any case, the manufacturer’s instructions for the pool of your choice!

The first step is the excavation of the basin. It should be noted that at each side of the pool about 25cm longer need to be scheduled because the walls are backfilled at a later time. Then the soil is leveled. Is expected to groundwater or is it to clayey soil, a layer of gravel and drainage are required! Next, a 5cm to 20cm is strong concrete floor slab embedded – depending on the nature of the subsoil.

On this the fiberglass pool is aligned and fixed. After attaching the pipe systems water is left up to a height of about 50cm in the basin, which stabilizes the pool. Possibly integrated steps are now supported and backfilled the walls of the pool with lean concrete. To equalize the pressure and prevent the deformation of the pool is refilled water evenly. The upper end of the fiberglass pools, so his disguise is finally a matter of taste!


The installation of fiberglass pools is relatively simple because it is a one-piece pool. However, there may be difficulties or uncertainties during excavation, floor leveling, concrete mixing and backfilling. In order to achieve an attractive and long-lasting result, you should contact in this case, a specialist garage! Some landscaping companies who specialize in the pool building. These can be problem and enter for free in contact through our form!